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Spiritual Direction


Spiritual direction is a process that brings you into the awareness of God’s presence in your life. It also enables you to discern where God is leading and directing you in daily decisions and into the future. Spiritual direction helps you recognize the parallels between your physical and spiritual journey, and how to have your eyes open to opportunities and invitations from God on a daily basis.

Spiritual direction is holy listening to the one who shares his/her life story. A spiritual director listens to the person receiving direction and to the Holy Spirit. Life issues, spiritual practices, discernment of life transitions, and relationship issues are frequently raised in a spiritual direction session.

Ours spiritual directors are interested in your very soul and all the uniqueness discovered in you, no matter the circumstances of your life...this includes the full range of human emotion where we all live on different days - from despair, discontent, grief and confusion to peace, joy, and contentment.

Our spiritual directors are trained and certified in Spiritual Formation and are a part of supervision groups and their own soul tending. Contact Rev. Cathy Brewton for an appointment at 318-202-3850.

Spiritual Movement & Meditative Yoga Sessions


We offer both practices to open the body and spirit to God and bring awareness of God’s presence with us. Each practice focuses on breathing and being present. The flow of the session brings awareness to the integration of body, mind and soul. Our Pilates and yoga instructors are certified in Pilates matwork and/or hatha yoga. Participants wear comfortable attire for easy movement. Both practices are done with bare feet on sticky mats, which are available at LifeHouse.

Spiritual Movement
Spiritual Movement is a combination of Pilates matwork, yoga and embodied prayer. The combination enables you to improve your strength and flexibility, as you embody Scriptures and prayer through guided meditation and movement instruction.

Meditative Yoga
Meditative yoga is a practice to improve the body, clear the mind, and free the spirit. It enables you to find parallels between what is going on outside the body and the internal systems inside the body and interior life. Yoga enables you to clear mental clutter and cultivate your spirit bringing inner peace and clarity to your daily life.

Community Meals


Throughout the Gospels, Jesus constantly shared in community with people and many times over a simple meal around the table. Such feasting and fellowship has remained a core Christian practice from the earliest Christian communities to the ways we know and practice southern hospitality. You are invited to join us every third Saturday for a free and delicious meal to make new friends and be together with Christ as the host.

Small Group Bible Studies & Book Studies


Every 10 weeks, we will begin new small groups of 7-8 people to journey through the scriptures or study a spiritual book. There is no cost to be a part of these group. The hope is for you to be led formationally by spending time together in community and practicing daily habits of listening for God in solitude. Our weekly group meetings provide space to experience God together through discussion, worship and prayer.

Clergy Study Groups
All clergy are invited to participate in our small groups that meet each Thursday morning. The focus is for spiritual nourishment and community for clergy to come into quiet rest and find sabbath in the midst of ministry.

Spiritual Growth Retreats


We host retreats to allow time and sacred space to draw near to God in a day apart. It is our prayer that you begin to see your personal story in the over arching story of the Christian faith, become better able to receive love and grace from God, thus extend that love and grace to those in your life.

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